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Interactive Kiosk Market - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts to 2021 Nov 01, 2019

An interactive kiosk is a network operated computer operative terminal designed to serve public with an easy access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, ticketing and education using specialized hardware and software. Technological advancement and evolution of the kiosk systems has resulted into modern touchscreen interface from the original keyboard and mouse interface design and perform wide range of applications such as bill payment, ticket vending, banking activities, show directions on map and many more.

Growing competition at retail level has resulted into newer functions for kiosks such as coin hoppers, card readers and thermal printers to enhance and customize the task performance resulting into increasing demand for the interactive kiosks globally. Another major driving factor for the market is growing installations for bill payments, banks in making deposits & withdrawal, and ticketing in order to avoid long queues and save customer's time and enhance their experience.

North America dominated global interactive kiosk market 2015 by Europe and Asia-Pacific as second and third largest regional markets for interactive kiosks in 2015. North American Interactive kiosk market is expected to witness strong growth in the near future due to increasing installation of kiosk terminal at various public location to serve customers better and save their time by avoiding long queues.

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